The Craft Beer Society


The Craft Beer Society is owned entirely by our members. Our aim is to support the Craft Beer Industry. We are committed to "Educate' beer lovers and "Elevate" Craft Beer to the level it deserves.

Membership is Free if you are a Craft Brewer. Just see our membership section for details.

A society owned entirely by our members. Supporting the Craft Beer industry.

Having owned an English country Free House and travelled through the USA in 2012 and then again in 2014 the founders want to see a craft beer revolution take place in the UK, and for craft beer lovers to be able to experience craft beer as it is supposed to be experienced.

We love real ale but when it comes to craft beer, the experience is designed to be different. Much more of a tasting experience, taking beer that is brewed with passion and for flavour to the level we feel it truly deserves.

With all this in mind The Craft Beer Society was formed in 2015 with some very simple aims of promoting and supporting the craft beer industry.

Here at the Craft Beer Society HQ, great tasting beer literally flows in our veins. We are committed to “Educate” beer lovers and “Elevate” Craft Beer to the level we feel it deserves.

We especially want to support and promote small batch brewers and encourage them to continue to Innovate, Experiment and Explore, bringing exciting and great tasting new beers to the market for us all to experience and enjoy. For that reason membership for craft brewers is free.

Some people say that Craft Beer can only be produced by small batch brewers. While we agree that the small batch brewer is integral to the story, and it is essential that they remain the kingpin of the craft beer industry, if a great beer deserves to be produced on a larger scale, then why the hell not. Providing it remains honest to its roots, uses the best ingredients, tastes great, gets more people drinking, talking and enjoying great tasting beers, then for us it’s still craft. It probably wont be glugged down by the pint, but instead enjoyed from the bottle, can or shared with others in the smaller glass courtesy of a beer flight and in the way craft beer is designed to be experienced.

We believe the definition of Craft Beer is really very simple. “No Compromise”


These aims are simple, and we want to achieve these together. This is why the society is set up so all individual paying members own the society in equal shares. Directors will not get fat cat salaries or any dividends and they will own things on the same basis as all society members. The society however does want to be profitable and sustainable, for obvious reasons, but where all members have an equal voice

“to support and promote the craft beer industry”

“to educate people about craft beer and how to identify crap”

“to encourage more men and woman to drink great tasting beer”

“to promote and encourage beer flights and growlers in society sponsored outlets

“to elevate craft beer to the level it deserves”