The Craft Beer Society


The Craft Beer Society is owned entirely by our members. Our aim is to support the Craft Beer Industry. We are committed to "Educate' beer lovers and "Elevate" Craft Beer to the level it deserves.

Membership is Free if you are a Craft Brewer. Just see our membership section for details.


These sessions have a very simple format, consisting of 8 people tasting 8 great craft beers. They are free for society members and their guests and cover a number of different themes from “An introduction to Craft” to “Stouts and Porters”.

Guest speakers or brewers are often invited and we have our own Beer Shaping forms to add that bit of fun and encourage people to really think about what’s in the glass.

Members who have attended a session are even able to apply for satellite status which would enable them to hold their own society tasting sessions.

How about a Corporate Craft Beer Tasting Event. We can do that too for a simple per person charge and do something slightly different then the same old wine tasting event.